The Art of CREATING Your Life

A 15 Day Guided Journey to You

Isn’t it time to let go of whatever is holding you back? 

To unstick from the naysayers and follow your heart?

To have a better relationship with yourself?

To experience a deeper connection with your body, money and relationships?

And to rediscover the joy of playing full-out every day?

Join me for a 3-week journey takes you beyond dreaming and into creating the life you know you came here to live.

It’s time to create your life just as an artist paints her canvas. To embark on a dance of discovery, playing with hues and tones, adjusting relationships here, letting go of what no longer works there. 

Experience personalized attention and laser coaching on what’s going on for you with your body, your money flows, and your relationships.

Register today and let’s get creating!

"The Art of Creating Your Life" 3-Week Journey is for you if:

  • You feel unsatisfied or adrift with where your life is going.

  • You’re unenthused, nervous, even anxious about what’s next.

  • You’re stuck in a rut and can't figure out how to get out of it on your own.

  • You desire a deeper connection with yourself … your body, your money, your relationships.

  • You’re ready to create and grow within a supportive community who is ready, too!

Here are the Details!

  • We begin June 18 for 15 days in 15 minute group coaching sessions M-F with personalized attention and laser coaching in a private Facebook community exploring your relationship with YOU, your body, your money, and your relationships with others.

  • Sessions will be live within the private Facebook group with recordings you can view again and again. Be there live M-F at 4pm EST to get your questions answered in real time.

  • A community of people ready to create their lives sharing, exploring, and creating in a private Facebook group you can access 24/7. I’ll be in there daily M-F. It’s our playground where you can ask questions, get support, create, and celebrate! (Spoiler Alert: There will be extra goodies!)

  • You've heard of homework - now it's time for homeplay to create more in your life. I’ll be sharing activities and ideas to get your creativity flowing. Creating your life is fun!

  • Access to tools and prompts that support you to create a life you truly desire and to find out what works for you. Develop a new picture of what you're asking for and how you can achieve it with clarity.

What Can I Expect?

Here s a sneak peak at just some of the advantages:

  • Blow the roof off all those limitations stopping you and focus

  • Create winning, pragmatic strategies to create what you are asking for...whether it be with your business, body or relationships

  • Enjoy freedom from constraints (self-imposed and otherwise) that have held you back

  • Learn the art of focused energy so you can begin to play full-out every day

  • Gain the ability to let go, learn, and create what you truly desire

Know that I will be here for you; whatever the question, in real time, every day, as we move forward together. Join me and appreciate the daily acts of creativity in everything you do and say!

Your investment

Join us to discover creativity, freedom and meaning in your life.

  • Meet Your Instructor!

    Susan Lazar Hart is an international relationship coach and transformational speaker motivating audiences to get in touch with who they are by digging deep and opening up to the possibilities. She is a life-long seeker making a bigger impact by teaching how interpersonal dynamics begin with self. Using her uniquely artistic perspective and irreverent humour, Susan shares simple tools with profound results as clients and audiences explore how to create and step into fearless relationships with themselves, their businesses, their money, and others. An international favourite at women’s conferences and the CEO of Right Relationship for You, learn more about Susan and connect with her at and on social media: .

    Susan Lazar Hart

    Facilitator, Author, Speaker, International Relationship Coach

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