“I never realized that 15 minutes a day can create such a big change in my life, my living, my money flows.

Susan's Nurturing series has shown me that it is possible. Even one degree of change in direction can create a great change in the future but these mini calls create a 10 degree shift in course and after the series I realized that I am not the same person I was a few weeks earlier. Susan knows how to create change fast and with ease. I am  so looking forward to the magic with  body series, I have neglected my body for far too long.” ~ Liga Dzene

Thank you Susan for your wonderful energy! It was so inspiring and helped me change a lot in this short time! You helped me to learn a lot more about being the question, I love to play with it a lot! I am so grateful for your presents from your presence.

😉 and the biggest gift is the fact that I got a completely new access to my body! I really love my body, to follow what's required from me to nurture me in the best possible way, every moment. Thank you! I adore you! ~Katharina Pirchenfellner

Something you may not know about me:

  • I have been well over 200 hundred pounds at least twice in my life.
  • When I gave birth to my daughter, I came out heavier than when I went in- let’s blame it on the smoked meat sandwiches, danish and cherry cokes that were smuggled in for me!
  • I gained so much weight working on a farm in Norway they thought I was a boy and kicked me out of the bathroom at the train station.

And then I discovered that by getting off the exercise, diet, judgement Ferris wheel that our bodies are made up of energies; always there for us, always ready to contribute, never holding anything against us and so willing to be a contribution to our lives if only we would ask.

So what about you?

For 15 minutes a day are you willing to:

  • Stop avoiding your body
  • Stop checking
  • Stop comparing
  • Check out what magical creation having a body can be
  • Finally release the life times of feelings you have locked into your body
  • Practice living in the question and listening to your body?

What will you get from this class:

  • Daily 15 minute lazer-coaching from Susan
  • Private Facebook group to play in
  • Homeplays to create even more
  • Beautiful meditation "Magic with Body energetic pull and meditation"
  • New reality with your body 

Here is a taste of how we play. Day 1 of 'Magic with Bodies'. What does having a body mean to you?

Is now the time to receive the daily support you have been asking for?

Of Course! Let me in!

Course Curriculum

Day 1 - What does having a body mean to you?
Day 2 - Have you bought your body as mysterious?
Day 3 - Are you training your body to be an employee of this reality?
Day 4 - Is your body faster than your awareness?
Day 5 - Is your body listening?
Day 6 - Are you willing to listen to your body leading you?
Day 7 - Have you limited your body to its gender?
Day 8 - What if intimacy is magic?
Day 9 - What does trust in the magic with your Body mean to you?
Day 10 - How much of what you have created with your body does not belong to your body?
Day 11 - Are you willing to gift your body the magic of time?
Day 12 - What if creativity began with your body not your brain?
Day 13 - What habits are you telling your body to hold onto?
Day 15 - What am I unwilling to see or acknowledge today?
Day 16 - What am I unwilling to know, see or acknowledge? - 2
Susan Lazar Hart
Susan Lazar Hart
Facilitator, Author, Speaker, International Relationship Coach

About the instructor

CEO of Right Relationship for You, international speaker, author, and motivational relationship coach, Susan Lazar Hart's specialty is deep listening along with an uncanny ability to pose questions that create curiosity, awareness and a variety of different possibilities. She has worked with thousands of women who are struggling for more meaning in their lives to address their fears and their desires so they can capture their groove without sacrificing intimacy and connection.